International Symposium on the Future of Atlantic Salmon - January 2020

Our Speakers


  • Conservation of the Atlantic Salmon & The Six Rivers Conservation Project in Iceland: Dr Peter Williams, Group Technology Director, INEOS

River Studies

  • The evolution of salmon populations in Iceland with a focus on North-Eastern Rivers: Dr Guðni Guðbergsson, Director, MFRI, Iceland. Watch below
  • Salmonids as keystone species in the ecosystem: foods webs & new molecular approaches to assessing the likely success of river populations: Professor Guy Woodward, Imperial College, London 
  • Tagging approaches & remote sensing for next generation biomonitoring of individuals to populations: Dr Rasmus Lauridsen, Head of Fisheries Research, Game & Wildlife Trust, UK 
  • New modelling approaches to identify bottlenecks: Dr James Rosindell, Reader in Quantitative Biology, Imperial College 
  • First steps in the MFRI/Imperial joint research project
  • Panel Discussion – watch below.

Estuary & Marine Environments

  • How genetic methods can help understand migration & distribution of salmon at sea: Dr Philip McGinnity, Environmental Research Institute, UCC, Ireland 
  • The likely suspects framework: Mr Colin Bull, The Missing Salmon Alliance
  • Panel Discussion – watch below.

River Interventions

  • Experience with egg-planting and salmon ladders: Dr Guðni Guðbergsson, MFRI, Iceland 
  • Habitat change: ladders & tree planting as natural experiments: Dr Nikolai Friberg, Norwegian Institute For Water Research, Norway 
  • Project to improve vegetation in North-East Iceland: Mrs Else Møller, Forester MSc, Vopnafjordur, Iceland 
  • Panel Discussion – please login to Vimeo to watch the video here.

International Cooperation

  • The critical role of international collaboration in studying and managing salmon in a changing world:  Mark Saunders, Director, International Year of the Salmon – North Pacific Region
  • Facilitated Round Table Discussion: Opportunities for international cooperation: Peter Williams – watch below.


Learn about how world experts have pledged to accelerate the scientific understanding of the threats to the species and rapidly establish new conservation strategies to reverse the decline via this news article: Experts Pledge To Act.