The Majestic Hofsá River


A Gateway to Paradise for Fly Fishing

The majestic Hofsá River is different in character from its narrower, faster-flowing sister, the Selá. This wider river offers seven beats spread over 27km of crystal clear water, which is ideal for fly fishing, with its top beat being described as “the gateway to paradise”. It is home to a high number of Multi Sea Winter (MSW) salmon. The Hofsá’s large variety of easily accessible big pools contain mainly gravel beds, rather than the rocks and boulders that feature more predominantly on the neighbouring Selá.

Fishing Rules

100% Catch and Release.

Catch and release, except for one Grilse per rod per day.

Maximum catch of five fish per rod per session or ten fish per rod per day.

No large weighted flies or sinking lines. Very small coneheads are allowed.

Floating lines only.

Staying by The Hofsá

To fully immerse yourself in the Icelandic Fishing trip of your dreams, you’ll be staying at our fantastic facilities along the river in our Selá Lodge, constructed by Six Rivers.

Hofsá Lodge

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Hofsá River Data

North East Iceland
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Hofsá River Gallery

Hofsá River Map

A high-resolution map of the river (as seen below) is available for download, to give you a detailed breakdown of the different beats available and other important topographical information.

1st Beat of the Hofsá River
2nd Beat of the Hofsá River
3rd Beat of the Hofsá River
4th Beat of the Hofsá River
5th Beat of the Hofsá River
6th Beat of the Hofsá River
7th Beat of the Hofsá River