Strengur’s history

— History of renovations and development spanning decades

The Strengur Angling Club was founded in Reykjavik on october 29th, 1959. The founding members were Helgi Hjálmarsson, Haraldur Haraldsson and Vífill Oddsson. Soon others joined, among them Rafn Hafnfjörð, Garðar H. Svavarsson, Hörður Óskarsson, Magnús Jóhannsson and Guðmundur Sigtryggsson. The club’s primary purpose was to locate and secure places to fish for salmon. In 1962 a group of members visited East Iceland to review suitable options for the club. Among the more desirable fishing grounds was the Selá river. Still, seven years passed until the farm Hvammsgerði in Vopnafjörður was advertised for sale in 1969. The clubs finances had boltered in the ten years that had gone by from its founding, there was a new salmon ladder above Selárfoss and fish was being caught in the new grounds. Hvammsgerði was purchased and the farmhouse converted to a lodge. Subsequently Selá was leased and Strengur has since supervised the sale of angling permits on the river.

As the years have passed Strengur has purchased more farms in Vopnafjörður where the clubs operations have grown. Strengur has had Hofsá in Vopnafjörður on lease since2009 and in 2017 an agreement was reached for Jim Ratcliffe’s purchase of the majority of shares in Strengur to continue to safeguard sensible fishing and best practices on the river, as well as to support the salmon stock in the rivers, in line with Strengur’s fundamental values from its founding.

The text above is an exerpt from a document on Strengur’s history made available to journalists on their visit to Vopnafjörður on September 23rd, 2019.