Images from the 2020 Symposium

The Six Rivers Salmon Conservation Project builds on a legacy of conservation and enhancement spanning more than 60 years

Guests arriving.
Six Rivers Conservation and Strengur Board members Sam Ratcliffe (Centre) and Bill Reid (Left) look forward to the arrival of guests at the start of the International Symposium with Richard Longden from INEOS (Right)
Getting ready. PhD students Sammi Lai and Olivia Morris talking to Imperial College’s Guy Woodward.
Pete Williams Group Technology Director, INEOS introduces the session and the importance of the The Six Rivers Conservation Project to Iceland and the world.
Gísli Ásgeirsson CEO of Strengur Angling.
Peter Williams talks about the conservation of the Atlantic Salmon & The Six Rivers Conservation Project in Iceland.
Dr Guðni Guðbergsson, Director, MFRI, Iceland
Attentive listeners.
Imperial College London’s Professor Guy Woodward.
Symposium guests.
Dr Rasmus Lauridsen, Head of Fisheries Research, Game & Wildlife Trust, UK.
Else Møller, Forester MSc, Vopnafjordur
Dr James Rosindell, Reader in Biodiversity Theory at Imperial College, London
Attentive listening at the 2020 Symposium.
Sammi Lai studying her PhD on the threat to North Atlantic Salmon in North East Iceland, recruited by MFRI and resourced by The Six Rivers Project.(in the background) and Olivia Morris studying her PhD on the threat to North Atlantic Salmon recruited by Imperial College London and resourced by the Six Rivers Conservation Project (in the foreground).
Sammi Lai.
Olivia Morris.
Taking questions.
Pete Williams on the go with the microphone among the audience.
Guðni Guðbergsson.
Coffee break.
Dr Philip McGinnity, Environmental Research Institute, UCC, Ireland.
Colin Bull, The Missing Salmon Alliance.
Off to lunch.
The show goes on.
Guðni Guðbergsson.
Dr Nicolai Friberg, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Norway.
Mrs Else Møller, Forester MSc, Vopnafjörður, Iceland.
Facilitated Round Table Discussion: Opportunities for international cooperation.
Speakers take part in the facilitated round-table discussions, with Peter Williams as moderator.
Speakers take part in the facilitated round-table discussions.